December 8, 2022

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Attention Bitcoin miners – kicked out of China? Mine from Texas instead!

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Various provinces in China have been making life very difficult indeed, even impossible, for crypto miners.

This from only a week ago:

China has acknowledged it’ll lose miners to the US and Canada:

Texas, though, is welcoming miners:

  • power sources (ice storms notwithstanding), rates are inexpensive 
  • friendly regulations
  • Bitcoin mining companies like Bitmain, Blockcap, Argo Blockchain, Great American Mining, Layer1, Compute North, Riot Blockchain and Whinstone are just a few of the major industry players that have chosen to set up shop 

Info on Texas comes via this piece, from back in May:

Meanwhile, the leading crypto is straddling $40K still as I post:

btc Bitcoin chart 16 June 2021

BTC bounced, hard, on Sunday afternoon (US time) on a musk tweet and has garnered further support since then from Microstrategy and Paul Tudor Jones comments and more. I’ve been posting all the supportive comments in case you have missed them, 3 posts:

I also posted a piece questioning the value of BTC, just 1 … which drew ire from some of the Bitcoin faithful; unfortunately, the usual claptrap, ad hominem and whataboutism …. sensitive little snowflakes they are! 


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