February 9, 2023

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CADCHF is the biggest mover today. What does it look like on the chart?

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Up 1% on the day

The CAD is the strongest of the major currencies today after the BOC rate statement. Looking at the % changes of the major currencies vs the loonie, the CADCHF is the biggest mover. The CADCHF has moved 1% higher on the day.  

Up 1% on the day

What does it look like on the chart?

Looking at the hourly chart below, the pair has been trending to the downside since April 1. The low today reached the lowest level since early March (not shown) at 0.72523. 

The run higher on the rate decision today, has taken the price sharply higher and in the process broke above some technical levels.  More specifically, the price has moved back above its 100 hour moving average at 0.7320 and 200 hour moving average at 0.73390.  In between that level is a falling trendline which currently cuts across at 0.73264 (and moving lower). That too was broken.  


The high price of the move today, has seen the pair test the swing highs from late last week and from Monday between 0.7359 and 0.73633. The high price reached 0.73597, and has backed off.  

Currently the price is retesting the broken 200 hour moving average (the price just dipped below the MA line as I type).  That is taking some of the bullishness out of the run to the upside. 

However as long as the price can hold above the broken trend line and/or the 100 hour MA, the buyers – at least intraday – are still in play and in more control.  Move back below, and the breakout traders will be disappointed.   

Having said that, the buyers today, still have to prove that they want to stay and be in control. That will come by holding support and getting above the 0.7359-63 area.   If they can’t do that, they will start to lose buyers interest…


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