December 6, 2022

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China reportedly considering further shift in birth policy, possibly doing away with restrictions by 2025

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China is trying to take on one of the biggest problems this century

Demographics is not quite a ‘sexy’ topic but it is one that pretty much encompasses how the world evolves and how future trends are set out to be globally.

Adam had a great article on this a few years back here and we are now starting to see countries take more drastic actions in trying to address the issue.
China had already made a major change three weeks back when they announced a shift to allowing up to three children per family but now it is being reported that policymakers may even consider doing away with birth restrictions entirely by 2025.

The Wall St Journal report says that officials are beginning to discuss plans to further loosen birth restrictions and transition towards policies which encourage childbirth – arguably reflecting the urgency to spur growth and curb an aging population.

Japan is the prime example of the demographics trap that no country wants to fall into and with China, it is perhaps better to start early as this requires a major mindset change among the zoomers as well – which will not be an easy task definitely.

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