January 27, 2023

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France said to extend COVID-19 vaccine shots to all adults from 15 June onwards

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France prepares to get the vaccine out to the majority population before the summer comes about

As of 27 April, France is seeing roughly 14.6 million (21.8%) of its population receiving at least one dose of the vaccine with 5.9 million (8.8%) of its population being fully vaccinated. While things are progressing in recent weeks, there are still some hiccups.


The latest being that some vaccination centers are struggling to find takers to time slots in order to offer vaccinations. It was reported on Wednesday that as many as 270,000 vaccine appointment slots* are unfulfilled across the country.

*1 vaccine appointment slot could correspond to more than 1 vaccine dose offered

There is a good thread on Twitter covering the situation here.

Despite that, the French government is insisting that only people above 55 years-old are eligible to be vaccinated at this point in time. So, we’ll see how things go in the coming weeks and if they are able to stick with this timeline or perhaps even speed it up.

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