February 8, 2023

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Huge US consumer-products company Procter & Gamble to announce price increases

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I’m gonna bet these price increases will not be transitory.

  • Procter & Gamble will start charging more for household staples
  • the latest and biggest consumer-products company to announce price increases
  • cited rising costs for raw materials, such as resin and pulp, and higher expenses to transport goods
  • P&G said could be a precursor to broader increases
  • follows a similar move last month by rival Kimberly-Clark
  • “This is one of the bigger increases in commodity costs that we’ve seen over the period of time that I’ve been involved with this, which is a fairly long period of time,” said P&G Operating Chief Jon Moeller, a 33-year company veteran.

This will give the Fed something to think about, officials there have been very relaxed about inflation not rising. 

I'm gonna bet these price increases will not be transitory.

Powell: “What the …????”

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