December 6, 2022

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New Zealand (NZIER) consensus economic forecasts

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NZIER is the new Zealand Institute of Economic Research.  

Their latest Consensus Forecasts (these are are an average of New Zealand economic forecasts compiled from a survey, not forecasts from NZIER itself) can be found here, link to PDF. 

In  (very) brief:

  • near-term growth outlook has been revised up … annual average growth in GDP is expected to reach 5 percent in March 2022
  • the longer-term employment growth outlook has been revised lower
  • unemployment rate has also been revised lower over the projection reflecting the tighter labour market
  • Inflation forecasts have been revised higher across the projection
  • Supply constraints in the economy …are pushing up costs

The NZIER also provide an outlook for the NZD in the article:

nzd nzier forecast

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