February 2, 2023

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Types of Analysis

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Fundamental analysis

Forex trading is the currency trading business. Therefore, the main thing is to get the value of the currency value.
And the value of any country depends on the economic condition of the country.
To know the economic condition of any country, there is a clear understanding of the news of the country’s economic and social conditions.

And this is the analysis of the news on the socio-economic conditions of any country. He is called Fundamental Analysis.

It is worth noting that only a few websites are not able to understand the possible movement of the market when watching a news report. The light can be taken only as a dull idea. For example, when a country is elected, nobody can win it. But it can not be said beforehand who will win.
But yes, if you know about news media in different countries of the country, you will know the survey of different internal or public opinion, only then can you imagine who can win.

Fundamental analysis too.

Seeing only the calendar of a few sites, they will not be able to know the internal issues of the country in the past, Forecast and Actual reports. If you want to know more about those countries then try to read more.

Technical Analysis

The price movement of the market can be caused by various news effects. But this fluctuation prevails at certain levels. These levels are divided into different patterns, such as Support Resistance, Trendline, Wave etc.
If you focus on these levels, you can find your perfect entry point between the breakpoints of the market.
Holding this level of analysis is called Technical Analysis.
There is no need to know which news here, because of the news, the market moves. But by the level of which it moves, it shows the charts and analyzes by identifying those levels.


This analysis basically depends on the Sentiment. This sentiment is condition but not of any market. It depends on the trader’s centimeter.
That means, seeing the same chart you will think that the market is going up. And to somebody else it seems to be going down.
Here’s the difference of centimeters. Whom we can call psychological matter.

This makes someone profit after following the same strategy, while someone else is doing losers. Because only one. The psychology of the two is not the same.

Before choosing any strategy, match it with your psychology. If the trading strategy gives good results, then you can follow it clearly. Hopefully, there is something good waiting for you. Because your stratigraphy has made your Sentimental positive to market movements.
This is very important.

Everyone will be good, good luck for everyone

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