February 2, 2023

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UK to propose COVID-19 vaccination ‘passports’ for international travel at the G7 meeting

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UK Telegraph with the report, the UK proposing ‘travel corridors’.

UK Transport Secretary to meet with G7 counterparts at the summit on June 11-13 with the proposal.

Tele says such a program could be in place by June 28. Seems a compressed timeline, can they move that quickly? 

Proposal includes:

  • so called Covid passports
  • ‘green list’ coutnires for travel to and from
  • bilateral ‘travel corridrors’ to allow bypassing tests, quarantine for those vaccinated
  • UK, US, France, Italy and Germany planned initially

An alternative way to get into whatever country you like! 😉 

UK Telegraph with the report, the UK proposing 'travel corridors'.

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