February 1, 2023

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US stocks open mixed after jobs report

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NASDAQ leads away but well off the postemployment highs

the US stocks are opening mixed after the week and expected US jobs report. The NASDAQ index is higher. The S&P is near unchanged. The Dow is down for the first time in 4 trading days. The NASDAQ futures implied a gain of over 200 points soon after the jobs report. Those gains have been pared back. 

A snapshot of the market a few minutes into the opening showing:

  • S&P index is up 4.15 points or 0.10% at 4205.77
  • NASDAQ index is up 72.19 points or 0.53% at 13705.03
  • Dow is down -47.31 points or -0.14% at 34501.22

looking at other markets:

  • Spot gold is trading up $11.40 or 0.63% at $1826.62. The high price reached $1843.43 after the jobs report
  • Spot silver is down -14 center -0.53% at $27.16. It’s high spiked to $27.67 after the report.
  • WTI crude oil futures are trading down $0.52 at $64.19. It’s low reached $63.90 while the high extended to $65.24 today. 

Looking at the US rates, the five-year still down -4.3 basis points but the 10 and 30 year has paired their postemployment declines in yields. The tenure move to 1.464%. It is currently at 1.558%. The 30 year moved to 2.155%. It is currently at 2.252%.

US yields are lower but off their lowest levels A snapshot of the forex market shows the EUR is the strongest and the CAD is the weakest of the majors. The USD has moved lower but is off the lowest levels post the employment report.  The snapshot 12 minute after the jobs report can be found HERE for comparison to current changes.    
US dollar is weaker but off the lows

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