November 27, 2022

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We do not believe we need to delay reopening

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PM Boris Johnson speaking: We do not believe we need to delay reopening

British PM Boris Johnson press conference

  • We have seen further clusters of Indian variant.
  • There is some important unknowns including the variant is more transmissible
  • If the variant is significantly more transmissible we will face hard choices.
  • It is more important than ever that people get the second dose.
  • We will accelerate remaining second dose is to people over 50s
  • Second dose will be eight weeks after first dose.
  • We have no evidence vaccines are less effective
  • There is no evidence of increased cases translating into unmanageable pressure on the NHS
  • I do not believe we need to delay reopenings
  • New variant could pose a serious disruption to our progress.
  • Urges everyone to exercise caution
  • Think really carefully about the risk to love ones if they have not at second vaccine dose
  • We are going to have to live with this new variant for some time.

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