December 8, 2022

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Awaiting the ECB meeting and the US CPI data

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Forex news for Asia trading on
June 2021

mixed set of results across major forex rates today with declines
(very small) for EUR/USD and USD/JPY resulting in EUR/JPY being a
loser (a
small range only for this too). Cable is ever so slightly higher, as
is kiwi and USD/CAD.

flow was light and
did not impact FX rates to much extent at all. The same for data flow.

Commerce Minister and his US counterpart spoke on a call, the Chinese
readout of the call was that the two sought to further cooperate on
trade, investment, and on settling their differences effectively.
There was no game-changing announcement on the call. The
yuan moved higher after news of the call hit. While
on China, the Australian Prime Minister says Chinese tariffs on
Australian wine are being referred to the World Trade Organisation.

Senator Warred did a Bloomberg TV interview in which she expressed a
desire for crypto regulation. This did not blunt the BTC rally too
much though.

equities (Japan, China, Australia) added on some gains. 

BTC rally:

bitcoin chart 10 June 2021

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