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Clean Chart Strategy

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How to trade: Clean chart system is multi-timeframe based have to lookup 3 timeframes like M15, M30, H1 to get the signals. No need to use any indicators.if you lookup chart once in every hour that is enough.

Currency: You can use this strategy to all major pairs except cross-currency like EURJPY, GBPCAD

Can I trade with mt4 mobile: Yes.

Buy Entry: When 1hour candle closed, if H1, M30, M15 candle closed with good bullish candle and price moves 4pips in the next 15minutes in the next hour. then take buy entry.

Clean Chart Strategy
Clean Chart Strategy

What we can see on the above pictures: 
1)In H1 Chart,9:00 candle closed at 10:00 with good bullish candle. 
2)In the 30M chart,9:30 candle closed at 10:00 with a good bullish candle. 
3)In M15 chart, 9:15 candle closed at 10:00 with good bullish candle. 
After closing M15 bullish candle. if price goes 4pips up within 10:15 then place a buy order. 

Sell Entry: Same as buy.when 1hour bearish candle closed. if M15, M30, H1 candle all are good bearish candle. and price goes 4pips down in the next 15minutes.then place sell order. 

Stop loss and take profit: SL will be 20pips.TP 40 pips. 

Result of sell trade: 

1)don’t trade during major news. 
2)use small lot following money management. 
3)don’t trade without stop loss.

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