February 2, 2023

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Dow the dog today. Nasdaq buyers enter today (but still lower for now).

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Nasdaq  down but doing better.

For a change, the Dow is the dog today.  That index is trading down around 483  points or-1.40% after trading as low as -667 points (or -1.92%). The Nasdaq is down just -0.46 after trading as low as -2.2% at the low. However, since then, there is a rotatation into the Nasdaq and out of the Dow stocks.  

The biggest loser in the Dow today is Home Depot which is down -3.16%. American Express, Boeing and Disney are also sharply lower.

Nasdaq  down but doing better.

There are only 3 Dow stocks which are higher. They include Salesforce, Dupont and Nike.  Honeywell is unchanged.

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