February 8, 2023

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Here is what’s on the economic calendar in Asia today

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2200 GMT New Zealand ANZ
Truckometer for April

  • Heavy Traffic index prior +2.8%

  • ANZ Truckometer is a set of
    two economic indicators derived using traffic volume data from
    around New Zealand. ANZ use traffic flows in this indicator as a
    proxy for economic growth.

GMT New Zealand – Card Spending for April

  • Retail card spending, prior +0.9%

  • Card spending data covers
    around 68% of core retail sales in NZ. Its used as the main retail
    sales indicator for the country.

2301 GMT UK BRC Sales
like-for-like for April

2330 GMT Japan Household
spending for March

2350 GMT Bank of Japan  ‘Summary of Opinions’ of
the most recent meeting

  • this
    precedes the minutes of that meeting by many, many weeks.

0130 GMT China inflation
figures for April

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