November 28, 2022

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Minor uptick for the US dollar

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Forex news for Asia trading on
May 2021

was a retracement move for the US dollar during the session here, it
gained pretty much across the major FX board (to varying but small
degrees), even against the resilient euro. There was no new fresh
fundamental news of note, the move was a small give back of the move
Thursday Europe/US time.

developments in Asia continue to tend negative

  • while
    Japan is expected to approve the Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines
    later today the government is embracing AZ hesitancy and will not
    administer shots of this vaccine while it continues to monitor blood
    clot issues overseas
  • Japan will add Okinawa prefecture to the State of Energency list
  • Taiwan
    is suspending public company shareholder meetings (more than 1900 of
    them) through to June 30 as part of enhanced restriction measures

PMIs kicked off here during the timezone. For Australia the results
were still strong, albeit down from the previous month for services
and the composite (manufacturing was up a touch). Japan’s
all fell from the previous month. Also from Japan today, national CPI
was deeply negative, a huge fall in cell phone charges was by far the
biggest impact.

EUR resiliency:

Forex news for Asia trading onFriday21May 2021

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