November 30, 2022

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Note of caution from Israel as they postpone normalcy

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Israel putting masks back on

Israel putting masks back on

Sadly, there is a note of caution here, annoyingly. Nothing market moving, so finger off the buy and sell button for now. But Israel is going back to mask wearing to try and contain the virus again. The delta variant is showing signs of spreading even amongst vaccinated folks. 

The delta variant is also rising in the UK despite a 60% vaccination rate. 

So, infections amongst the vaccinated just highlights how hard this will be to shake going forward. Also, there are some UK studies showing potential brain health damage in those infected. The extent and impact unknown at this stage. However, it is enough that may lead some people to say we need to eradicate rather than simply contain the virus. 

Nothing market moving for now, but just stay on top of the story…

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