November 27, 2022

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Road to Professional Trader : From the beginning of Corporate Trading!

Road to Professional Trader 1

Begin with a slightly different context. Someone is claiming to be very educated to you. What do you usually do to verify it? You can tell him, where do you say that you are teaching yourself by passing a little?
Or maybe even say that you show your certificates a little. Then you can understand how much you are educated! is not it?

Now if the person shows you a coaching center’s address where he has his name, it means that the person got these numbers in a coaching center exam. What do you care about those things? Or to show the certificates of any educational institution? Must tell to show certificates of scholarship. So what

Well, now if the person shows you a certificate of scholarship that the certificate is not in the name of that person. In the name of another
What do you do then?

Put the guy to show his own certificate of certification.
Now the person showed a picture taken on mobile. Where is the picture of a certificate, and its name!

Will you accept the person as truth-educated, or make it clear that you do not believe in taking these pictures. Because these edits can be easily made.

How are you thinking like that? If you do so, then the text is for you. Otherwise writing is not for you. Do not waste your valuable time unnecessarily.

Road to Professional Trader 2

Now come Forex’s words. You know it’s Risky Market. It also knows that there is no alternative to learning.
Now there are some money in hand, on one hand, on the one hand, on the other hand, to give money to someone to manage the funds. Many people do such thoughts.

Now why are you so wrong when selecting the fund manager? Why post loss on Facebook, else you have lost your trade in money ??
Why do not you choose a little scrutiny in the fund manager elections? The money is yours. You have to do this work!

Many people replay me – grandfather, as you said, you can not find the fund manager!

I would say, you do not have a good fund manager, so you will lose your fund in the hands of such trumpets? Those who can not show their account again and say that they are trading only with the client’s account !!

I want to have my own account to convey the client, right? That can be shown! They can not even do that.

It may be that they can show screenshots of thousands of profits.

In fact they could not acquire the courage to trade with their own funds. So they have to drill so much to get funds from others. If you’re loser, then you are not going to pocket yourself. If you gain some bonus in the pocket!
It is better to do than demo !!

That’s why I believe in their personal idiology.

Road to Professional Trader 3

Local trading with other funds and trading in your account is the same. Why do not I trade 40% or 50% of my trade with other funds without having a full profit by trading in my account, even after having the same problem?

But yes, you can do one thing to make yourself a professional. You can make profits on your own account, and by using that account you can start copying trade, auto copy, pam service through broker, or via Fx Junction, Myfxbook, MQL5, Zulutrade etc.

Where traders will copy your profits from all over the world This means that your account’s trading automation will be open to their connected account, in their selected lot volume.
As a result, they will automatically follow your trades and take them into their account. And at the end of the month or on the condition you provided, you will receive an account of that profit in your account.

It is also mandatory to have a real account for yourself. is not it?

Who does not have a real account to show himself, or who does not show an account in his own name, or who can show only the screenshots, what logic did you choose as a professional trader and leave the capital you had in your trouble to trade?
Have you ever thought about the issues?

Road to Professional Trader 4

Many people behave like impatience.Do not deposit without peace!
They do not learn well by depositing properly, and the poor experience of Los Angeles before learning Forex!

Because of them, if you do not lose thousands of dollars, if you do not give 4-5 years time then you can not learn Forex effectively. But who is responsible for this loser?
Those who are losers, they forget their own mistakes. They may lose millions of dollars or even if they give some time to forex, but they can not learn to profit. Because Forex is not for impatience.
‘Here impatience money is given to the patient in the pocket.

Road to Professional Trader 5

Now about the beginning of professional trader or corporate trader

You are trading yourself. A good stratigion that can be well profited. The demo saw a 5-6 month test. Profit can take regular profits even though it’s a little less.

Then open an account in your name and open Micro or Standard Account as per your ability and deposit it.
Now start trading uninterruptedly. Think about the market for 5 days a week, analyze the currency news, note important points. Use them during the trade.
And two days of holidays, absolutely out of forex. If you can, try to stay out of Facebook. Give yourself time to family time. You will see that it has turned out loud.
Then again 5 days busy.

Many people say this is not possible without the big balance. But I disagree with it. Because I have already told you to create a portfolio of 2-3 years. If you continue to trade in a micro or standard account with the balance, you will be able to get a better rating on this account after continuing with a profit of 2-3 years. You have to believe it, because that’s the truth.

Why so unrest? Why did you say that you do not have balance, so can not start real trade?

Road to Professional Trader 6

My clear statement is:”Starting with $ 1000 starting in Los Angeles, gradually starting from 100 dollars to 500 or 1000, the final success can be achieved.

Later, if a fund analyst or fund manager offers an investment manager from a corporate agency or a good fund manager, then your portfolio of this account will easily make you acceptable to the investors.I can tell it unambiguously. At the same time, a bigger opportunity could come in front of you. You can be one day one of my boss level.
It is not being called too extreme. The reality is being called the reality. Because you did not know, you are estimating it as an extreme

No matter how much you come, my support, love is there to you and there. Just create yourself for this.

It can be a bit more time-consuming and difficult to maintain yourself so naturally. Do not try to accept it. Or, with the help of a good mentor, you can create yourself. But yes, whoever chooses as a mentor, how well experienced, how successful is this market, considering these aspects can be asked for getting mentorship.

Here are your liabilities to know better and to succeed. So please talk about your interest in the flexible. Please welcome the different views. And above all, keep your interest in learning.

One day you come as a corporate trader with me as a helper, come as a clerk or get yourself started as my boss. You will know my love for me

Road to Professional Trader 7

Finally said many things. Thank you so much for taking a long time.
Many good wishes know.

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