December 6, 2022

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Unemployment benefits were always meant to be temporary

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Commerce Sec. Raimondo

Commerce Sec. Armando is on CNBC saying:

  • unemployment benefits were always meant to be temporary
  • The US just doesn’t do enough chipmaking in the US
  • US makes about 10% of the world chip market down from 1/3
  • Need to reinvest have indigenous chip manufacturing
  • CHina Xi┬áspeech is a lot of bluster and rhetoric
  • Will do everything we can to make sure US companies are treated fairly
  • US needs to invest in infrastructure in research and development. We need to play our game and be a strong America
  • Human right’s issues in China are unacceptable. The key is working with our allies.
  • Ultimately it would take the allied countries to stop clear and unjust inhumane actions
  • Eager to reopen international travelers as quickly, safely as possible

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