February 8, 2023

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US advance goods trade balance for March $-90.6 billion versus -$88.0 billion estimate

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US advance goods trade balance for March 2021

In February, the US trade goods balance came in at a record $-86.7 billion. It was revised even lower two $-87.1 billion. This month was a another record. The March goods trade balance showed:

  • prior report
  • advance goods trade balance sure $-90.6 billion, +4.0%
  • exports exports were up $142 billion or $11.4 billion more than February’s levels
  • imports imports came in at $232.6 billion up $14.9 billion from February’s levels
  • exports rose by 8.7%
  • imports increased by 6.8%

A larger the deficit, the biggest drag on GDP. 

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